Integrate your CRM with your mobile phone.

All calls. All texts. Seemlessly captured.

Your CRM is only as valuable as the data entered into the system. Get more value from your investment in CRM by seamlessly capturing all calls and texts - inbound and outbound, whether you are in the office or on the go.

Mast works with your current mobile carrier. Provides cellular quality calls, not VoIP.

Save your sales reps up to 1-2 hours a day and have confidence in the data in your CRM.

The biggest challenge in using CRMs is manual data entry, particularly when using mobile devices.

A work number ready for business.

Use one work number for all business calls instead of personal mobile phone numbers that leave with departing sales reps. Get rid of underused desk phones.
Mast provides Apple & Android applications that replace your dialer and learn which contacts are personal and which are work.
Use the Mast softphone on your desktop with click-to-dial from within your CRM all using your same set of numbers.
Provides enterprise capabilities like warm call transfer from your mobile phone.
Record your mobile sales calls easily so you and others can review how to improve your pitch.

One phone.
Two numbers.
Make calls the way you’re used to.

Employees benefit from only carrying one device but keeping work and personal separate. Personal usage is completely private.

Works with your existing carrier, phone, and CRM system.

Providing solutions

  • We started to look for ways to integrate mobile calls and texts with our CRM platform, to eliminate data loss and empower our sales reps. We talked to other platform providers, but they didn’t have a solution. Then we found Mast with their unique mobile integration into Salesforce.

Go Mast. Go Mobile.

Nation-wide launch in September 2016.
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