Mast delivers results.

Improve Sales Productivity
Save your sales reps an hour a day because they no longer need to manually enter data into the CRM.
More Accurate Sales Forecasting
Capture full and accurate data from all client communications in your CRM.
Strong Employee Adoption
Employees can manage work and personal communication seamlessly but separately on one device. Personal use remains private.

Mast works with your current mobile carrier. Provides cellular quality calls, not VoIP.

All calls. All texts. Automatically captured.

Your CRM is only as valuable as the data your reps enter. Get more value from your CRM investment by automatically capturing all calls and texts - inbound and outbound, whether on a reps' mobile phone or softphone, in the office or on the go, using one work number for each rep to maintain continuity with sales leads.

Comprehensive Quantitative Data

Mast creates a call record in the CRM for all calls linked to the contact with call time, duration and whether it is inbound or outbound. Full text conversations are loaded into a task record daily.

Rich Qualitative Data

At the end of calls with clients, Mast prompts the sales rep to enter notes and follow-ups. The rep dictates the notes and they are automatically added to the call record.

A work number ready for business.

Use one work number for all business calls instead of using personal mobile numbers that leave with departing sales reps. Get rid of underused desk phones.
Mast’s app replaces the dialer and seamlessly manages both work and personal calls.
Put work numbers on your team’s mobile phones with features like call transfer and hunt groups.
Use the Mast softphone on your desktop with click-to-dial from within your CRM - all using your same work number.
You have the option of recording your mobile sales calls so you can review and improve your pitch.

One phone.
Two numbers.
Make calls the way you’re used to.

Employees benefit from just using one device but keeping work and personal separate - personal usage stays private.

Use the right number for each contact with Mast’s patented technology.

  • Manage with simple swipe or tap gesture.

  • Pre-sorts many of your contacts.

  • Marks contacts as work or personal as you communicate with them.

  • As soon as a contact is marked work or personal once, Mast always uses that number with them.

Works with your existing carrier, phone, and CRM system.

Providing Solutions

  • We started to look for ways to integrate mobile calls and texts with our CRM platform, to eliminate data loss and empower our sales reps. We talked to other platform providers, but they didn’t have a solution. Then we found Mast with their unique mobile integration into Salesforce.

Go Mast.
Go Mobile.

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