This is Mast

We launched Mast to reinvent communications for modern sales teams and businesses. Every day, more work gets done on mobile devices—even if they’re in front of a desk phone, sales reps often use their mobile phone.

Our goal is to provide a communications platform that is integrated with the way we work, so we rethought mobile to embed the CRM into the rep’s day-to-day sales activities on their mobile phone.

Our primary area of focus is in building a platform to integrate work communications data into other enterprise applications to improve analytics and productivity. Client communication data is highly valuable but companies haven’t been able to access it due to a lack of tools and systems or, often because end users do not adopt them.

We believe the right foundation has to be to create a seamless user experience, so people use their mobile devices normally, and to build in the network layer the ability to intelligently separate and capture the work communications data.

We asked some basic questions:
  • Why can’t I automatically load client calls and texts on my mobile phone into my CRM?
  • Why can’t I dictate a note and load it into my CRM on the go?
  • Why should anyone have more than one work number (nobody we know has more than one work email address)?
  • Why can a mobile phone only have one phone number?
  • Why am I carrying two phones, one for work and one for personal?
  • Why can’t you use your phone number on any connected device?

We came up with new answers. It’s easy to try out Mast, take a few minutes to do it now. When you do, you’ll ask why hasn’t anybody ever done this before.

Our Leadership

David Messenger
Peter Lurie
Chief Business & Legal Officer
David Dawson