Load all client calls into your CRM
Mast automatically loads all calls with clients or leads - inbound or outbound - and creates a task linked to the contact with all the call information.
Load Messages
Automatically loads all texts with clients into your CRM. Once a day Mast creates a task linked to the contact including all texts during that day.
Dictate Notes
Mast makes it easy add notes without logging into CRM. After a call, Mast prompts you to dictate notes and follow-up tasks, and transcribes and adds them to the call record.
Call Analytics
Dashboards built into Salesforce for team and agent call analytics, including number of inbound and outbound calls, talk time and average call time.
Call Recordings
You have the option of recording calls for training and coaching, either as a default setting or just for calls you select.
Never Miss a Client Call
One work number that works on your mobile phone or a softphone on your computer.
Company Identity
Your company can manage and retain a block of mobile numbers. You can also port in existing desk phone numbers.
Transfer Calls
Transfer mobile calls to anyone with a simple look up in your contacts. Improve collaboration with easy three-way calling, adding someone to an ongoing call.
Central Number & Directory
Set up your main company or sales team number to professionally greet callers and route the call appropriately. Calls are routed to the work number on employees' mobile phones.
Intelligent Call Routing
Define ring/hunt group routing to team’s mobile phones, including a central voicemail box for the team, and set business hours.
Calendar Integration
Join conference calls on your calendar with one touch from the Mast dialer - no more hassles entering access codes.
Simple Download
Employees just download the Mast app and get a work number alongside their personal number on their phone. All calls are cellular, not VoIP.
Intuitive & Professional
Always know if you’re making or receiving a work or a personal call, and record different voicemail greetings for work and personal numbers.
Take Control of Work-Life
Don’t put your personal mobile number on your business card. On off-hours, set work number to ‘Do Not Disturb’ but stay connected to friends and family.
Seamless Experience on One Phone
Mast provides a native experience for work and personal numbers through a single dialer with its patented intelligent identity management - no need to toggle between apps.
Personal Privacy
Calls, texts, voicemails and data usage on employees' personal numbers remain private and the company has no access to this data.
Avoid Roaming Costs
Use a local SIM card when traveling internationally and youwill still be connected on your Mast work number, but without any roaming costs for voice and text.
Set Up in Minutes
Create your team account and invite team members to join. You and your team can be live in less than 10 minutes.
Team Management
Invite team members to download the Mast app and have them up and running in 2-3 minutes. Mast's online portal makes managing updates and changes to the team simple.
Get insightful and actionable analytics on team and individual work-related usage.
Works with All Mobile Carriers
Mast is a software-only solution that is integrated with all mobile carriers. No changes required to company plan or employees’ mobile service or devices.
Works with iOS & Android
Works with iPhone 5s or later and any Android v6/Marshmallow device or later.
Simple BYOD Stipend Policy
Reimbursement is simplified with Mast. We can provide a simple best-practice BYOD mobile policy. You choose the level of reimbursement to provide employees.